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10 Best Laundry Cleaning Tips and Stain Removal Recipes

Updated: Aug 13

Do you remember ever being taught how to wash or clean your laundry?

I remember learning a few of things about doing laundry. The main one was to "sort your clothes into 3 piles; whites, darks, and color. I've been doing this now ever since for over 40 years, and my clothes come out okay, but not very bright after that first wash; stains not coming out, and my clothes sometimes shrink.

Recently, I attended 'Laundry Camp' sponsored by Cambria and presented by Patric Richardson, a laundry expert featured on 'The Laundry Guy'. He says "laundry is a language of love." He teaches you all about the "How tos" and "Whys" of cleaning laundry. I really didn't know what to expect because I'd never heard of his t.v. show before, but I was very impressed with all that I learned to keep laundry clean, bright, fresh, stain-free, and longer-lasting.

Here are 10 of his laundry tips and the "3 biggest sins" when it comes to taking care of your laundry:

1. Sorting clothes is still important. Patric's recommendations are to sort clothes into "5 groups."

  1. whites

  2. blacks

  3. cool colors (blues, greens, purples + grays)

  4. warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows + browns)

  5. activewear - usually polyesters

2. Place wool, cashmere or silk items "into a mesh bag, roll it up as much as possible into a sausage and tie with a rubber band." Toss it into the correct pile.

3. "Use warm water for cold water whites to k