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10 Questions To Ask Your Designer About Fees

1) What will the fee schedule be?

2) How will your fees for my project be determined and what services do the fees cover?

3) Will you provide probable construction cost estimates for my project?

4) If consultants (such as architectural or structural engineering) are necessary, are their fees included in your basic fee?

5) What additional costs (e.g., permit and other governmental fees) or services (e.g., time spent obtaining necessary permits and other approvals) do you anticipate for my project?

6) How do you establish your fees for additional services and reimbursable expenses?

7) Will there be a charge for redesign if it is necessary to meet the construction budget?

8) Will there be additional charges for changes required by the building department or other government agency?

9) How are additional charges computed for design changes requested by me?

10) How will the fees be handled if the project is abandoned (cancelled) before completion?

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