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Which Bathroom Upgrades Can Increase Your Home's Value?

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Bathroom upgrades sit just below Kitchen upgrades in the ranking for home upgrades that deliver the most ROI (return on investment). And while any upgrade to the bathroom can improve its appearance and function, not all upgrades will boost the value of a property. Many upgrades only make bath time more enjoyable, they do not impact the home’s price. Others only deliver a marginal return on the owner’s original investment. But owners who do the bathroom upgrades in the list below can expect to get the most rewards for their troubles.

Before we dive into the list, there are a few options and trends owners should keep in mind…


What potential homebuyers see has the most influence on their buying decision. Shoppers appreciate style and appearance over function. This is the reason to go with those bathroom upgrades that are highly visible.


When painting walls, choose bright colors that contrast with the neutral colors used in most bathrooms. This will highlight other aspects of the bathroom like the cabinets, countertops, and tiles.


Where possible, use textured and patterned materials for surfaces. Finish shower walls, floors, and countertops with rough-hewn stone surfaces or edges, river rocks, or similar materials. These are becoming increasingly popular and also part of biophilic design. Smooth surface materials are best used on walls or other vertical surfaces; unless they have slip-resistant properties.


Older bathrooms generally use the same type and color of materials in the entire space. Modern bathrooms take a different approach; owners are opting for stone, brick, porcelain, natural wood, brass, black, chrome, glass, etc. for different areas of the bathroom.

Bathroom Upgrades With The Highest ROI:


These should be the first areas to look at. If they are not changed, dirty grout or chipped or faded tiles will deduct from the value of other bathroom upgrades. Tiles and flooring are pervasive enough that they serve as a backdrop to the entire bathroom. They are an effective way of unifying the various elements of a bathroom’s design. Changing out tiles involves some demolition, and is not inexpensive. We do not advise you to select the cheapest materials when upgrading tiles and floors. Instead, use water-proof, long-lasting, slip-resistant materials that are also attractive.

Installing a heated floor system under tiles is another addition that will increase the attractiveness of the property.


Updating the vanity area in a bathroom is an upgrade that is relatively easy and relatively inexpensive to carry out and delivers high returns. Due to the area’s high visibility, changing the vanity often proves to be more valuable than other bigger renovations. One of the most rewarding vanity options is a larger vanity expanded to include double sinks, additional storage, a marble or granite countertop, and modern sink and faucet designs.


Bathrooms are typically not associated with ample storage space. Most bathrooms do not have enough space for appliances, toiletries, and bathroom supplies. Additional bathroom storage is one upgrade that ticks both the aesthetic and function boxes. The majority of older bathrooms use conventional storage racks fixed above the toilet. But these can create a sense of clutter. Instead of these, use larger cabinets, expanded vanity, showers with side or shelf storage, and bathtubs with underside storage. Other options are vertical storage spaces and floating shelves.


Bathroom cabinets need to look sharp, clean, and modern. And all it takes to achieve a look buyers will love is often nothing more than simple re-facing and hardware replacement. One of the easiest ways to make cabinets come alive is to give them a new coat of paint. The cabinet color can be chosen to offset and complement the monotony of wall colors. This is especially effective when bold colors have been used on the bathroom walls. The cabinet will create contrast and help balance the effect of bright colors.


Tubs and showers are the centerpieces of the bathroom, so upgrading them should naturally offer the highest value appreciation. There is usually more than one bathroom in most homes. Buyers who have small children usually value children’s rooms with a bathtub. Installing glass doors and a walk-in shower is a great addition to the master bedroom. Depending on the size of the bathroom space, it might be a good idea to have a separate tub and shower, along with a sauna. Separating tub and shower gives would-be-buyers more options for how they use a bathroom.


Sinks are getting extra attention as more options beyond the traditional designs start to enter the market. One trend that is gaining popularity is stone sinks. When textured materials have been used in showers and/or on floors, a stone sink fits nicely into the overall theme. Stone sinks and similar designs closely mimic nature and create the ambiance of a more relaxing bathroom.


This final upgrade is one that has recently become available and gaining popularity in the bathroom. Good music is a great reason for lingering in the bathroom and offers a sense of well-being. Homeowners have a range of bathroom music media options to select from, including Bluetooth speakers. This is a trend that is not likely to go away soon. Instead, it will become something buyers will come to expect as standard bathroom equipment.

Thank you for taking your time to visit us and for sharing. Be safe. We would love to help you with your bathroom remodel; to schedule a free 1-hour virtual online design consultation, click here.

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