• Brad Foster

Which Bathroom Upgrades Can Increase Your Home's Value?

Bathroom upgrades sit just below Kitchen upgrades in the ranking for home upgrades that deliver the most ROI (return on investment). And while any upgrade to the bathroom can improve its appearance and function, not all upgrades will boost the value of a property. Many upgrades only make bath time more enjoyable, they do not impact the home’s price. Others only deliver a marginal return on the owner’s original investment. But owners who do the bathroom upgrades in the list below can expect to get the most rewards for their troubles.

Before we dive into the list, there are a few options and trends owners should keep in mind…


What potential homebuyers see has the most influence on their buying decision. Shoppers appreciate style and appearance over function. This is the reason to go with those bathroom upgrades that are highly visible.


When painting walls, choose bright colors that contrast with the neutral colors used in most bathrooms. This will highlight other aspects of the bathroom like the cabinets, countertops, and tiles.


Where possible, use textured and patterned materials for surfaces. Finish shower walls, floors, and countertops with rough-hewn stone surfaces or edges, river rocks, or similar materials. These are becoming increasingly popular and also part of biophilic design. Smooth surface materials are best used on walls or other vertical surfaces; unless they have slip-resistant properties.