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Commercial Office Interior




Award-Winning interior design firm and products dealer designing beautiful, functional and diverse projects for residential and commercial interiors, with special attention given to details. We offer comprehensive design services for remodeling as well as for new construction during the architectural development and construction planning stages of projects. Our services include interior architectural planning, interior design, decorating, online design, procurement, and complete project management. Taking your project from concept to completion. We strive to integrate sustainable design principles and universal solutions as the foundation of our projects. Our goal is to create beautiful, livable and workable environments for our clients that enhance their health, comfort, and well-being while contributing to the support and longevity of our planet.


We handle all aspects of your project from design, planning, procurement, import, expediting, project management, customs, build and installation.

Commercial Projects


Our Hospitality design projects include hotels, villas, restaurants, cafés, bars, fitness clubs, lounges, spas, country clubs, cruise ships, vacation rental design, and more. We offer full-service interior design to property owners seeking thoughtful, elevated, luxurious, safe and comfortable environments for their guests.  


We are committed to designing spaces that bring unique and exceptional guest experiences throughout your guests' stay.


We listen to your goals and objectives for the design and create spaces that are luxurious and memorable.




We offer space planning, interior design and decorating solutions for offices, retail, healing environments and other commercial interiors.


Your interior space needs to make a great first impression on your visitors and customers. We work to create an interior that reflects your company’s values, image, and style.


Our goal is to increase wellness and workplace satisfaction amongst employees and maximize customers' experience and satisfaction within your company.


We offer solutions for private offices, medical labs and offices, office lobbies, reception areas, conference rooms, retail spaces, financial institutions, public and all-gender restrooms, spas and more.

150+ Projects Including - 


We fully understand the technicalities involved in designing kitchens and bathrooms.  We are pioneers in creating universal designed environments that are functional, practical, beautiful and accessible.


We offer custom kitchen and bathroom solutions and planning for residential and commercial projects featuring the latest and greatest in product technology and materials. Typical areas include residential and commercial restaurant kitchens and bars, powder rooms, master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, public restrooms, and all-gender restrooms.



Multi-Family construction is becoming more necessary than ever before as cities grow more populated.  Finding ways to compress housing into smaller spaces while still creating comfortable, spacious and accessible interiors calls for complex, creative and innovative design solutions.  That is where we can help. 


With a focus on your objectives, we will specify the latest trends and amenities, present space planning and creative design solutions while creating an atmosphere that will appeal to you and your target demographics; within your budget and timeframe.


Typical areas of design include model units, senior living, clubhouse, outdoor living spaces, pool and spa areas, fitness centers, leasing centers, common areas, and lounges.





  • Sandals Resorts International   
  • Nam Residence/Great River Estates     
  • Hart House Villa/Tryall Estates  
  • National Commercial Bank
  • Air Jamaica World Centre    
  • Sun Art Gallery/Half Moon Resort
  • Juici Beef Restaurants
  • G. Stewart Residence
  • Sangster International Airport
*Prices quoted in US$ can be paid in JA$ or other country equivalent.  Link to PayPal International to join.
Ingrid Coke, Designer | Artist | Decorator

Ingrid Coke: 
Designer | Decorator | Artist

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