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Pros & Cons: Freestanding Bathroom Vanity vs Built-In Vanity

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

We love the latest "freestanding" bathroom vanity trend for most of our new projects. But on occasion, our clients want more storage or prefer custom built-in vanities. One of our favorite freestanding vanity (aka 'bathroom furniture') manufacturers, is James Martin Furniture with over 275 beautiful cabinet styles and 10 countertop colors to choose from; and our favorite "custom" built-in cabinetry manufacturers are Ultracraft Cabinetry and Envii Cabinetry These manufacturers cabinets are available through your favorite interior designer. If you prefer shopping retail, yet want unique styles and choices, our favorite go-to for beautiful freestanding vanity cabinets is Signature Hardware. Additional sources for beautiful freestanding vanities include World's Away and Kohler.

Here's our list of the various pros and cons of freestanding and built-in vanities.



- Looks like furniture

- Modern appearance

- Great for small bathroom spaces

- Space appears more spacious

- More flexible and personalized

- Offers more dimension and decoration to the bathroom

- Bathroom looks less utilitarian

- Bathroom feels more elegant and tailored

- Usually offers more organized interior storage solutions for everyday essentials

- Usually cost less than a built-in vanity

- Open bottom vanity or "floating" vanity gives an open look in the bathroom

- Many styles, sizes, shapes, and countertops are available to coordinate with your style

- Countertops are usually included in the cost of the vanity

- Sometimes, the sink and faucet is included in the cost of the vanity

- Easier and less cost of installation


- Slightly less storage space

- An open bottom vanity = More cleaning

- Possibility of dead or un-utilized space in the bathroom

- Even though these are called "freestanding," they still need to be attached to wall cleats and plumbing

- Sometimes they need assembling and interior modification for plumbing supply

James Martin Freestanding Bathroom Vanities aka Bathroom Furniture



- Best for large traditional homes

- More storage space

- Best for major storage

- Customizable to any width and height

- Customizable for various personal or essential item needs

- Makes use of oddly shaped spaces

- Utilizes space from wall-to-wall

- Many door styles to coordinate with your style


- Usually cost more

- Usually costs more for installation

- More time is required for installation, preferably by a professional cabinetry installer

- Usually takes longer to receive components for installation

- Countertops are sold separately

If you're working on your bathroom, need help deciding what works best for your bathroom, or need help from a professional interior designer, we'd love to work with you. Schedule your free 1-hour online design consultation here.

Envii Cabinetry - Featuring the Salt 3-Piece Door Style in Rustica

Ultracraft Cabinetry - Photographer: Clarence Sormin; Designer: Heather Jasper

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