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Budgeting Guide For Your Interior Design Project

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

When you start thinking about hiring an interior designer, one of the most important considerations is cost. One of the main project costs is furniture.

How much should I spend on my furniture and interior design?

While there can be many answers to this question, and budgets vary for every project, it mainly depends on how much you are willing to invest in your project. On average, you should realistically budget seven to ten percent of your home's value to furnish your home.

Hiring an interior designer is a part of that investment and should be included in your overall budget; the benefits a client receives by hiring an interior designer outweighs the costs. Here are just a few examples:

A professional interior designer:

  • understands your needs and the scope of your project from the beginning, and all of the steps involved to complete your project in a timely manner and on budget.

  • asks the right questions to get a feel for your lifestyle and incorporates your personal style into the overall design.

  • understands space planning and what will fit in your space, which will prevent costly mistakes.

  • understands how to integrate sustainable and universal design principles and healthy home solutions into your project for your overall wellbeing.

  • has access to furniture and materials at trade-only prices. This allows them to have access to a wide variety of products not available in retail stores, which saves you money and gives you a personalized custom space; no cookie-cutter spaces.

  • has sources for semi-custom and custom furniture and cabinetry.

  • knows how to value engineer a project to help you get the look you want at a lesser cost, providing alternative solutions while maintaining or surpassing the original design, quality, and function.

Below is our Budget Guide* to help you with a budget for your project.

*Note: The prices in this guide are for budget purposes only and are subject to increase or decrease at any time and once your project has been designed, and products for your specific project have been specified, selected, and quoted on. Furniture may also incur separate charges for inland freight (15-20%), overseas shipping, sales tax, (gct, vat, customs duty, and brokerage fees for export items), and other surcharges. The prices shown are in US Dollars.

Thank you for taking your time to visit us, and for sharing. Click here to set up a free online consultation to talk about your upcoming project and how we can help you. Be safe.

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