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30 Kitchen Remodel Prep Secrets - eBook

Homeowners, Designers, Architects, Contractors, Realtors

All the kitchen details have been worked out and you love your new design (check!). Your certified interior designer has stamped and signed drawings for City permits (check)! The design drawings, planning, and specifications for your beautiful new kitchen are complete (check!). You've hired the best contractor to make your dream kitchen a reality (check!). WHAT NOW?

My "30 Kitchen Remodel Prep Secrets" eBook provides you with my designer secrets and tips to help make your (or your client's) kitchen renovation less stressful, prepares you for what is to come, helps make the installation quicker, successful, and can save you money.

These valuable, important and practical tips, from an award-winning, certified interior designer’s point of view (that's me), cover areas that come up that you may never think of, and your contractor may never tell you, before starting your kitchen renovation. My eBook tips are not learned in design school and have been added as part of my design specifications for every kitchen remodel for over 25 years of practicing kitchen and bathroom design.

My eBook includes 1 bonus secret that alone will save you time, $$$, stress and aggravation, and is filled with 7 pages of information reflecting the care and consideration that is required in preparing for a kitchen remodel.

This is a great tool for Homeowners, Designers, Architects, Contractors, and Realtors.

Click on the book cover above or click 30 Kitchen Remodel Prep Secrets to order.

After placing your order, to access, click on the "Deliverables" tab in the left margin and download your E-Book. Enjoy!

It's All About The Details…Interior Design Details!


"The advice is rich and worthwhile…" Gary H.

"You have such a keen eye for the most minute details…" Leslie S.

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